Kill Bill’s Inquiries Series #2: Of Payments, Demos, and Internationalization

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Kill Bill Internals

Kill Bill

Greetings, fellow Kill Billers! We keep getting questions at Kill Bill headquarters, and of course, we want to answer them all! Don’t be shy and fire yours away in our Community or contact us directly. 

How much does Kill Bill cost? Is it completely free or do I have to pay a certain amount after a trial period?

Kill Bill is completely free of charge since it is open source software, meaning that it is freely available to download, study, change, run, and share. Kill Bill out-of-the-box includes all of the basic billing and payment features.

Even so, you will likely need to create some plugins or other integrations to use Kill Bill at its full power. This requires that you either have an in-house technical team to develop the plugin code, or that you work with a third-party software engineering teamHowever, even then Kill Bill is still a very affordable solution compared to other recurring billing software in the market.

All that being said, not only do small businesses use our services, but global enterprise organizations do, too! And you can check out these use cases for Kill Bill

How can I get a demo to try out your billing software? 

You can access our demo at with the following credentials:

Username: demo_ro

Password: demo_ro

Once you log in, Kaui (the Kill Bill admin user interface) will immediately select the demo tenant, so you can play around using the generic data we generated for the purpose of showing you what you can achieve with the Kill Bill software.

The purpose of this self-guided demo is to demonstrate the power and flexibility of Kaui and also to showcase, through some well-constructed accounts, some specific functionalities of the system.

You can read more about our demo and how you can set it up and squeeze it to the max here We also have some YouTube videos on Kaui that you might be interested in.

Does Kill Bill have a preferred payment processor, or can I use anyone available in my country/region?

You can add as many payment processors as needed to accommodate your customers’ preferred payment methods. Our billing software is agnostic of payment gateways, so the way to integrate with the payment processor of your choice is with a payment plugin. You can read more about it here and check out this blog post on plugins!

How can I use Kill Bill in a different country with different time zones and currencies?

Kill Bill was designed to be used no matter where you or your customers are located. It can certainly be used to process transactions in different currencies and across different time zones (for example, if Kill Bill is running in New York, but the customer is on the east coast of Australia). Each user’s time zone and currency are stored in their account. You can read more about how we handle internationalization here

Which payment methods does Kill Bill have except for credit cards?

By using payment plugins, you can support whatever payment methods you need for your customers. This includes credit/debit cards, ACH transfers, digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, and so forth. Check out our GitHub page and scroll down to see a list of learning and production-ready payment plugins.

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