Kill Bill GO client library

by | Aug 13, 2015 | Payments

Kill Bill GO client library

We are quite excited to announce that we created a new client library to interact with Kill Bill in GO.

GO is becoming an important new player: We are seeing more and more successful projects (e.g Docker written in GO), or startups like CloudFlare embracing this new language.

The declarative syntax is a bit of a pain at first, and the structure and naming of the packages is also something i am not really sold on, but the language itself is a good middle point between low level C programming and more modern code (where one does not need to think about allocating and freeing memory for instance).

One of the main asset of GO are the goroutine (along with the channels), a lightweight thread abstraction that can be used to write highly concurrent programs. Our motivation (besides providing a new way to connect to Kill Bill) is based on the use of these goroutines to write Kill Bill load tests.

At this stage, we only implemented a limited number of APIs, but we hope the community can pick-up the work as the need arises.

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