Kill Bill 0.14.0 Released!

by | May 13, 2015 | Billing Systems, Payments

Kill Bill 0.14.0 Released

We are excited to announce our new release Kill Bill 0.14.0!

The release is mostly targeted to cover all the current use cases identified in our talk , that is:

  • Subscription As A Service
  • Global Payment System

Subscription As A Service

On the Subscription As A Service side, the following areas have been enhanced:

  • Multi-tenancy. In particular, the ability to upload per tenant config (catalog, invoice templates, invoice translations), and per plugin config (so, for instance the same stripe payment plugin could be used across multiple tenants with different set of credentials, …).
  • Catalog Price Override. Subscriptions APIs have been enhanced to now support overriding static catalog prices, by automatically adding new catalog entries with those new prices. The price override occurs at the phase level, and allows to override both fixed and recurring prices in one or multiple phases of the plan associated with the new subscription.
  • Ability to dynamically add new roles and admin users. We added APIs that allow to add new roles and admin users (without having to restart Kill Bill instances). This is mostly useful for deployments that rely on static shiro.ini configuration files, as opposed to LDAP (which we also provide).
  • New plugins:

Global Payment System

The bulk of the work has been geared towards stability and performance of our JRuby stack. Most of our payment plugins are ruby plugins, and it is therefore critical to make sure the system can handle many requests in parallel. Pierre wrote a blog about the performance work which offers more details.

In addition to this core platform work, we also developed new payment plugins and new fraud detection plugins (Accertify), and added some support for asynchronous payment methods that require a service open to the internet for handling the asynchronous notifications from the payment gateways.

Other Area of Work

  • Documentation.  We went through all our documentation to add new guides, tutorials and brought it up to date. We also walked away from wordpress as a hosting mechanism and reverted back to github, to allow the community to easily report issues by submitting pull requests (PR). Please report documentation mismatch and submit PR when necessary!
  • Continuous Integration With Travis. With the ever growing number of plugins and features added to Kill Bill, we enhanced our travis integration to detect failures more rapidly.
  • Docker Deployment. On that side, we also enhanced our Docker deployment story to support KAUI, our internal admin UI.
  • Build. In order to accelerate the release process and also to guarantee the integrity of our released artifacts, we started a project where our official releases are triggered from the same build machine (hosted in the cloud). We release signed artifacts from the new user killbillio.
  • 38 Bug fixes!

If you need to upgrade from a previous 0.12.x version, we created a migration summary of the changes that need to be applied.



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