Introducing the Hyperswitch Plugin for Kill Bill

by | Mar 20, 2024 | Plugins

This is a guest post by Chikke Srujan, Product Engineer at Juspay.


In today’s digital marketplace, seamless payment processing is paramount for any business. Enter Hyperswitch, a robust, community led, open payments orchestration platform that streamlines payment processing for merchants worldwide. With the introduction of the Hyperswitch plugin for Kill Bill, merchants using Kill Bill can harness the power of Hyperswitch to enhance their payment infrastructure.

Open-source billing meets open-source payments switch. Your commerce platform, your way.

About Hyperswitch

Fintech services, especially payments, should be open, fast, reliable, and affordable to serve billions of people at scale. Hyperswitch was conceived as a payments switch, which embraces diversity and innovation to improve user experience and conversions, while reducing the cost and operations for merchants.

Hyperswitch is built as an open-source system in a modern, high-performance programming language: rust. Know more by visiting the official GitHub repository juspay/hyperswitch.

Hyperswitch and Kill Bill

The Hyperswitch Kill Bill plugin serves as a bridge between Kill Bill, a comprehensive billing and subscription management platform, and Hyperswitch, a versatile payment orchestration solution. This plugin empowers merchants to process payments efficiently while leveraging the extensive capabilities of Hyperswitch.

This new plugin lets Kill Bill instantaneously integrate over 75 payment methods across 50 processors. Payment routing can be configured through a highly scalable, secure, low-code platform.

The plugin is based on the OSGI Standard, which provides a way to write isolated code on top of the Kill Bill platform and interact with the system through well-define plugin APIs. This happens natively as the plugin implements the Kill Bill payment APIs (or ‘SPI’ to be more precise).

To know more about integrating subscriptions with Hyperswitch, check the official docs. The Kill Bill plugin can be accessed at juspay/hyperswitch-killbill-plugin.

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