ChartMogul Integration

by | Jul 9, 2016 | Analytics

ChartMogul integration

Running a successful subscription business requires careful monitoring of a variety of metrics: MRR, Churn, LTV, CAC, etc. It’s no surprise that our first plugin was the Analytics plugin, which computes in realtime these metrics and provides tools to build your own dashboards.

Understanding, tweaking and validating these KPIs for your own business requires careful thinking and is typically owned by an experienced Business Intelligence team working closely with the executive team on a daily basis.

For those who simply can’t afford the overhead, ChartMogul comes to the rescue. Their SaaS platform builds these metrics for you and lets you explore your data through cohorts, custom segments and geo-mapping tools.

We’re pleased to announce today a new Kill Bill plugin for ChartMogul. This integration is in fact very similar to the Analytics plugin, i.e. it listens in real-time to events that Kill Bill produces, and mirrors the data in ChartMogul:

ChartMogul customer


ChartMogul integration


ChartMogul integration


The plugin is available in beta at For help or feedback, feel free to reach-out on the mailing-list!

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