3 Myths About Open Source Invoice And Billing Software

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Billing Systems

Open Source Invoice and Billing Software

The ultimate goal of any business is to generate revenue, which requires you to have an effective invoice and billing solution in place. While you may be able to whip up an invoice using basic tools, sometimes your business needs something more to handle complex tasks and add a professional touch to your billing requests.

That’s where Kill Bill comes in. Our open-source software can help take care of your billing requirements. Unfortunately, business owners often have reservations regarding using open-source software.

The truth is that most myths surrounding open source software are entirely baseless. In this article, we will bust some of the most common myths that might be keeping you from incorporating effective open source billing solutions, such as Kill Bill.  

Common Myths about Open Source Invoice and Billing Software

Here are the top three myths regarding open source invoice and billing software that you should never believe!  

1.     Open Source Invoice and Billing Software Is Not Very Secure

Security is one of the biggest concerns for business owners. Luckily, Kill Bill’s open-source software has an edge over proprietary software, helping you protect your customers’ data.

Open-source software is generally considered more secure, as the community promptly finds and reports any issues. On the other hand, bugs and security holes in proprietary software often go unnoticed until someone falls victim to the potential threat.  

2.     Developing In-house Billing Software Means Better Customization

It is easy to think that building your own in-house software offers better customization options, as you can tailor the software to match the unique needs of your business. However, this is far from the reality. Since Kill Bill was designed with open architecture in mind, it’s entirely modular – you only use those features you need. For the business-specific functionality you require, you can use plugins to add more capabilities and features.

There’s simply no cap on customization. You can add, modify, or remove plugins as your business grows and your needs change. Plus, as the Kill Bill software is free, you can have a customized billing solution as a fraction of the cost of building in-house software from scratch.   

3.     Open Source Software Can’t Manage High Volumes of Transaction & Data

As your business thrives, scaling can present certain challenges. Some may be related to the billing process, as some SaaS billing solutions come with restrictive limits. The good news is that you can avoid these problems by opting for Kill Bill.

The open-source software is designed to manage a high volume of transactions and has no limit on usage. You will also have complete access to your data that you can manipulate in any way to derive helpful insights.

Kill Bill: The Best Open Source Billing Software

If you are a business owner looking for affordable and high-performance billing tools to streamline your business, Kill Bill might be the solution to all your billing problems.

Our open-source invoice and billing software can streamline your e-commerce payment process by generating invoices, managing accounts and subscriptions, performing customer service tasks, and much more. It offers a complete package. Click here to learn more. 

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